McManus, Christopher

Hello My Name Is...

Chris McManus

Elementary and Middle School Health and Physical Education
Assistant Coach Boy's Soccer and Baseball

"A strong body makes the mind strong"
-Thomas Jefferson

 "I can accept failure but i can't accept not trying"
-Michael Jordan

Home Instruction Lessons for School Closures:

K-5 Physical Education Lesson:
use the following link to complete 
workout video each day of school:
Kids Workout

6th Grade Physical Education Lesson:
complete a 30 minute exercise circuit with the following exercises each day of school:
push-ups - 5 minutes
situps-5 - minutes
wall sits - 5 minutes 
planks - 5 minutes
6 inches - 5 minutes
burpees - 5 minutes

3rd Grade Health Lesson:
Each week I will post a new video to watch. After you watch the video please write a 4 sentence summary telling me what you learned.  

All About Your Muscles

6th grade Health Lesson
Each Monday I will post a new video for you to watch and write a 4 sentence summary on what you learned and how you can use this information to better your health.

Why is Caffeine Bad For You

All 6th Grade Health classes are quarterly courses. Please check genesis to see what quarter you are enrolled in.

Health Units:

Body Systems
Disease Prevention