Virtual Learning Information

Virtual Learning March 16-April 17:
How to find Assignments
**Hello! If you have any questions please e-mail me at or any subject teacher
**All assignments are posted on the Mrs. Rooney's or Subjects teachers websites or Google Classroom-listed below.
**If you do not have internet access there will be paper copies in the Middle School office to be picked up.
**Some of the assignments are printable or view-able from my calendar
(click on calendar to left) 
**All assignments for each class are posted on the link "Work for the Week" as I get the work
E-mail me! 
 I would love to know how you are and  what you have been doing??
If you need help I am an e-mail away!
Good Luck!! 
Mr. Mongon has requested that I remind all students that you will receive e-mails to your school account. He wants you to share any important e-mails that you receive with your parents. Remember that Comcast is providing free internet connections to students in need. Please call any of your friends who could use this service, and let them know.
*****Pay attention to Due Dates
All assignments for each class are posted on the link
"Work for the Week" as I get the work-click top left

Reading-Look on Reading Google Classroom Period 1
** Common Lit/Membean Assignments/lit Terms Kahoot Game**

Science--Look on Science Google Classroom Period 2

Social Studies--Look on Social Studies Google Classroom Period 3 
 **Chapter 14 & Chapter 15 Study Guides will be there over the course of the weeks to do**

English- Look on Mr. Knapp's Web Page for Assignments and Links to Book, Movie and Rubric for Essay

Math-Look on Ms. Bilo & Mrs. Rooney's Web page for page assignments
 Ms. Bilo will also be sending messages on Remind for assignments
**Daffy Duck and Charlie Brown Graph coordinates on both calendar's- click on link