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English 8 Teacher
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Calendar of Tests, Quizzes, and Assignments:


nglish 8:

Course Summary:
This year we will focus on four major areas(literature, vocabulary, grammar, and composition). Vocabulary will be introduced prior to our reading/discussion of each selection from our anthology. Exercises will be completed, and quizzes taken. 
Literature will consist of both selections from the anthology, as well as the reading/discussion of a novel each marking period. All works will be examined, not only in terms of plot and theme, but characterization, and a myriad of other literary and grammatical elements. Activities(assignments) will be incorporated into our examination of each literary work, with tests to follow as evaluations. 
Composition(writing) will focus on the proper "open-ended" response(RACE strategy), as well as book reviews and compositions. All writing will be literature based.
It is important to work hard toward improving organizational skills, completing all work assigned.

  • Google Classroom
    English 8 classes will be using Google Classroom to receive and submit assignments, tests, and quizzes. 
    Please use the following class codes to join your assigned class:
    Period 1=jqr2ppn
    Period 2=hzxqf2o
    Period 3=tth6abs
    Period 5=uexpgul
  • Period 6=x7gcxki
Learning Ally:

Students will be using the Learning Ally app to access all of their literature for the year(our anthology stories and selected novels). To access the Learning Ally app for literature, students can use one of the following three methods:
1) When using a school chrome book, select "Apps" on the bottom of the screen. Do not click on the Public Riverside session.
          *Select the Learning Ally app

2) When you open the chrome book, select "Add Person" on the bottom of the screen.
          *Sign in to your Google Account(Username=student [email protected])
          *Do Not click into the Public Riverside session.
          *Select the search circle in the bottom left corner of the screen.
          *Then, select the Learning Ally app from your apps

3) To access the Learning Ally app from a computer at home:
           *Search "Learning Ally app"
           *Click(choose) "Learning Ally Link Software"
           *To add to your Google Account, select the "Chrome Webstore" icon
           *Click the blue button that says "Add to Chrome"
           *The app will now appear in your Google Chrome apps
           *To access your apps, use the search circle in the bottom left corner of your screen.
           *Your Learning Ally app should be there

For all three methods above, when logging in to Learning Ally:

Your Username is your Google Account: (student [email protected])
Your Password= password

Once you log in, your bookshelf should appear. In order to see the books that I have assigned you this year, select the drop down menu in the upper right corner. Then select "Update Books". Your books should then appear on your bookshelf.

Once again, all of your literature for English 8 can be accessed through this Learning Ally app. Tests, quizzes, activities, and writing assignments will all be based upon this literature that we will be reading and discussing throughout the school year.

 English 8 Literature:

This year, students will be reading/discussing various fiction/nonfiction pieces from our literature anthology presented by Prentice Hall. In addition, each marking period you will be indulging yourselves in phenomenal literary works(novels and plays) such as...

The Call Of The Wild: London, Jack: 9780439227148: Books

Literature will be examined not only for plot/theme structure, but for character development, grammatical concepts, pertinent vocabulary, and a plethora of literary devices. Writing will be literature based, reflecting upon and reacting to a myriad of concepts, many of which studied on a spiraling basis throughout the school year.
Course Breakdowns/Evaluation Methods:
English 8:
Tests= 20%
Quizzes= 20%
Classwork/Homework= 50%
Composition= 10%