Goodwin, James

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies!

Mr. Goodwin

Hello, thank you for visiting my website.  I will update this site for any major information regarding tests, projects, and homework.  I look forward to having a wonderful year with everyone! Please look at the calendar for updated due dates.
We will be covering the following Units from the textbook:
Unit 1 Place and Time: Ch.1 and 2
Unit 2 River Valley Civilizations: Ch. 3,4,5
Unit 3 Ideas and Armies: Ch. 6,7,8
Unit 4 The Greeks: Ch. 9,10,11,12
Unit 5 The Romans: Ch. 13,14,15,16
Unit 6 The Early Middle Ages: Ch. 17,18,19,20
Unit 7 Emergence of New Empires: Ch. 21,22,23
Unit 8 The Late Middle Ages: Ch. 24,25,26,27

 We have a brand new textbook series for the students this year!  All of the physical textbooks will be left in school at all times.  To get to the student's online textbook click on the Useful Links tap on this site.  Next, click the online textbook.  Your students user name is their lunch code number ( example: [email protected]) their password is: Password1