admire - to have high regard for someone or something 

apt - just right; fitting

attention – to focus on    

bicker - to quarrel over silly, unimportant things

despise  -  to feel scorn or dislike for

humiliate-  to make one feel less pride; to embarrass        

interaction – discussion or planning within a group                                               

knickers - loose fitting short pants worn by young boys back in the day         

muddle - confusion; bewilderment                                         

quarters - an assigned station

Queen of Sheba – a woman with expensive tastes; spoiled

timid  - a lack of courage

turf - a place that is under someone’s control

Literary Term:  Tone and Mood
People's mood change from day to day, even from hour to hour, according to how they feel.

You can often tell a person's mood by how he or she acts, what that person says, and how the person says it.

This is the tone the person conveys as a result of the mood he or she is in.