Raymond's Run

Characters for Raymond’s Run by Toni Cade Bambara     

 Squeaky: Mercury, Quicksilver, Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker- a girl who watches over her  older brother Raymond, she is a tomboy who enjoys running; she is loving to her family, at the end of the story she became a generous giving person

Raymond Parker- he is the second oldest child, he is mentally challenged, at the end of the of the story he can become a really good runner with Squeaky’s help

George Parker - oldest child, not a good watcher of Raymond, he earns money by selling Christmas cards and running errands

Mr. Parker - 35 year old father of Squeaky, secretly the fastest runner, he can beat Squeaky

Mrs. Parker – wants Squeaky to be a girly, girl not a tomboy

Grandfather - said the city was a concrete jungle

Gretchen P. Lewis - new girl with freckles, a good runner; Squeaky doesn’t like her until the end of the story, where Gretchen shows Squeaky she’s a good runner; she teaches Squeaky respect and friendship

Cynthia Procter - phony who pretends to have less ability than she does

Mary Louise Williams – from Baltimore, use to be beat up until Squeaky stepped in to help her, Squeaky’s  mother and her mother sing in the choir, she is now Gretchen’s friend

Rosie – Fatso, not very smart

Raphael Perez - second grade runner who always wins and he psyches out his opponents

Mr. Pearson – (Jack) “Beanstalk” suggests to Squeaky she might want to let someone else win the race


prodigy –a highly talented child

Mercury- a fast Roman messenger god

liable – likely to

chitchat –small talk; gossip

signify – to show by a sign

mastered – one who becomes skilled at

quicksilver – fast, speedy

organdy – expensive dress material

pageant – a fancy show featuring many acts

encourages – persuade, support

corsage – flowers worn on a woman’s shoulder or wrist

psyching – trick or scare