Study Guide for “Gilgamesh” Vocabulary Quiz

arrogant – boastful; conceited

defy – disobeyed; challenge

destined – certain; decided ahead of time

downcast – discouraged; sad

fickle – changeable; uncertain

grappled – wrestled; struggled

justly – fairly; with respect

menace – threat; danger

mock – make fun of; insult

mortal – human

nobles – upper-class people

recounting – retelling

sacred – valuable; important

scurrying – scrambling; moving quickly

spite – hatred; ill will

summit – top; peak

tyrant – dictator; harsh or cruel ruler

unleashed – released; set free

wan – pale; sickly

warily – with care

Main characters

Anu- sky  god ; king of  the gods

Aruru – goddess of creation; creator of earth and people

Enkidu – Gilgamesh’s best friend

Gilgamesh – King of Uruk; son of the goddess Ninsum

Humbaba – monster who guards the Cedar Mountains

Ishtar – goddess of love

Ninsun – minor goddess known for her wisdom; mother of Gilgamish