Gods and Goddesses Power Point Project

Greek Gods and Goddesses Project!

Miss Villecco – Social Studies 6


  • You will be creating a Power Point Presentation on a Greek God or Goddess.


  • You need to research the following items to include on each slide of your power point.


  1. Appearance (What your God/Goddess looks like) Import a picture from the Internet.
  2. What is their symbol? Include pictures!
  3. What are their strengths?
  4. What are their weaknesses?
  5. Who are their parents? Include pictures!
  6. Who are their children, if they have any? Include pictures!
  7. Where is their birthplace? Include pictures!
  8. Who are their husbands or wives? Include pictures!
  9. Where are their major temple sites, if any? Include pictures!



Useful Web sites:













Choose your god/goddess


Zeus – god of the Olympians


Hera- goddess of marriage (wife to Zeus) Queen


Poseidon – god of the sea, earthquakes and horses


Apollo – god of prophesy, music and healing


Hades – god of the dead


Athena – goddess of crafts, arts, war and wisdom


Artemis – goddess of the hunt and protector of children


Aphrodite – goddess of love, beauty and fertility


Ares – god of war


Hermes – messenger of gods and guides dead souls to the underworld


Hephaestus – god of fire and crafts (blacksmith, makes tools and weapons)


Demeter – goddess of agriculture


Hestia – goddess of the hearth


Dionysus – god of wine

Name:___________________                             Date____________________


Social Studies Research Notes for Project


Slide 1 - Describe what your god or goddess looked liked












Slide 2 -  What is their symbol








Slide 3 - Strengths







Slide 4 - Weaknesses








Slide 5 - Parents




Slide 6 - Children





Slide 7 - Birthplace





Slide 8 - Husband or Wives






Slide 9 - Major Temple Sites______________________________________

Name_________________________________  Rubric God Goddess Power Point  Total  160 Points

Score ________out of 160 =



Animation (5)

Title Slide (5)_____Picture(5)________

Description Slide: Heading (5)_____Information(5) ______Picture(5)________

Symbol Slide: Heading (5)_____Information(5) ______Picture(5)________

Strength Slide: Heading (5)_____Information(5) ______Picture(5)________

Weakness Slide: Heading (5)_____Information(5) ______Picture(5)________

Parents Slide: Heading (5)_____Information(5) ______Picture(5)________

Children Slide: Heading (5)_____Information(5) ______Picture(5)________

Birthplace Slide: Heading (5)_____Information(5) ______Picture(5)________

Spouse Slide: Heading (5)_____Information(5) ______Picture(5)________

Temple Site Slide: Heading (5)_____Information(5) ______Picture(5)________