The Death of Osiris

Study Guide “The Death of Osiris” vocabulary

appease – calm; lessen

barren – lifeless

brooding – thinking seriously

contended – claimed; stated

craned – stretched

cunning – sly; clever

 descended – moved downward

drastic – extreme

eternity – endless time; life after death

exquisite – beautiful made

 fertile – able to produce life

former – previous; earlier

frenzied – wild; out of control

immortal - able to live forever

intact – in one piece

intrigued – fascinated; charmed

 labored – heavy; difficult

 resented – took offense at; felt anger at

sorely – painfully; unbearably

wailing – crying loudly

Notes from Insight p. 16-17 for Osiris

Isis – wife of Osirus

Osirus – pharaoh of Egypt; husband of Isis and father of Horus

Set – brother to Osiris

Nephthys – Set’s wife

Horus – son of Isis and Osirus

Osiris- god of vegetation and Underworld

Egyptians obsessed with death and growing of food

Egyptians tombs- needed everything for afterlife

Secret name – knowing anyone’s secret name gives you power over them

Hieroglyphics- Egyptian picture name writing

Isis’ cow head- Horus cut off mother’s head; – Thoth (moon god) replaced it with a cow head

Heart/ feather – a good person’s heart was light as a feather

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