Virtual Learning Information

Virtual Learning
How to find Assignments
**Hello! If you have any questions please e-mail me at [email protected] or any subject teacher
**All assignments are posted on  Google Classrooms-listed below.
**All assignments for each class are also posted on the link "8th Grade Work for the Week"
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*****Pay attention to Due Dates
All assignments for each class are posted on the Google Classroom called 8th Grade Work for the Week

Reading-Look on Reading Google Classroom Period 1
** Common Lit/Membean Assignments**

Science--Look on Science Google Classroom Period 2

Social Studies--Look on Social Studies Google Classroom Period 3 
 **Chapter 17 -Four assignments

English- Look on Mr. Knapp's Web Page for Assignments and Links to Book, Movie and Rubric for Essay

Math-Mrs. Rooney's New Math Google Classroom Code ihg6gpv
 Look on Ms. Bilo & Mrs. Rooney's Web page/Calendars for page assignments (Math Minutes, worksheets)
 Ms. Bilo will also be sending messages on Remind for assignments/Loom video lessons