English/Language Arts Expectations

“Mrs. Wareham’s Wonderful Writers”

6th Grade English/Language Arts        Mrs. Wareham, Room #106

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Congratulations and welcome to 6th Grade English/Language Arts. I am sure this will be an exciting year for you and I encourage you to do your very best in middle school.


Prior to teaching, I was an Army helicopter pilot in the United States Army (Captain).  Having gained much experience, I’ve decided to bring my talents to the classroom and share it with young adults. Being a local, I too graduated from RHS and relocated back to Delanco. I am married and have three grown children. I am interested in making this a successful and happy school year for you and your child.


With over 18 years of teaching experience, I plan to make English a subject to look forward to. We will work hard, learn effective writing skills, enter contests, and create projects and reports. The following topics that will be covered are:


Highly Effective Writing Skills (HEW)               Daily Oral Language (DOL)

Sentence Construction                                  Quotation Picture Prompts    

Essay & Poetry Writing Contests                     Inquiry, Computer Research

Area of Interest Reports                                Friendly Letter Writing (Semi-Block)

Persuasive, Speculative Writing                      Explanatory Writing

Vocabulary Development                               Cursive Writing (Supplemental Activity)

Oral Speaking Skills                                      Language Arts Centers


How Your Child Is Graded…


Vocabulary, Daily Oral Language (DOL), Projects, Reports, Essays, and Tests count as 50% of their grade:  Your child will be responsible for studying vocabulary words and knowing how to spell and use them correctly in their writing. They will be assigned bi-weekly and tested when the unit is complete. “Area of Interest” reports or projects will be assigned monthly.

Composition Notebook, Daily Writing Assignments, Homework, Class participation, Being Prepared, and Handwriting Skills count as 50% of their grade:   Since this is a writing class I need your child to do their best and complete all work neatly. Students will do a number of writing assignments in class, at home, and in the computer lab. All drafted work will be done in their composition notebook and taken for a daily grade. Do not rip anything out of the notebook…I give credit for all drafts. If for some reason your child chooses not to do an assignment, I will have them meet with me after school to discuss why it was not done. Please let them know that if they do not understand an assignment, they are to come to me after school for help. I am at school until 3:00 every day. I want your child to know I am here for them. Points will be deducted for late papers and if it is not handed in within three days, they will get a zero for that assignment. If homework is continuously not done, Homework Detentions will be issued for future work to be completed with the teacher.  I do not offer extra credit work and I will not accept “plagiarism.” If a paper is plagiarized it will be given a grade of zero and asked to be redone. Always do your own work.

Graded Papers:   All completed and graded papers are returned the following week. Please look for them. All test papers can be returned with a parent signature for an extra 5 points. This does not apply to homework or projects.  Red Folders will be purged at the end of each marking period.  In addition, please view your child’s grades on “Genesis.” If the grade in the computer is higher, extra points may have been assigned for credit given in class.

 Class Expectations:

1. Always try to do your best.

2. Participate in class activities.

3. Listen when others are talking.

4. Use kind words.

5. Ask for help when you need it.

6. Make up missed work when absent (you have 3 days).


I understand the value of family time, therefore most projects will be done in class. If they are not completed, they will be finished for homework. Supplemental textbooks will be used in the classroom, and students will refer to their notebook for notes taken in class. They will also be available on the Classroom web page (Mrs. Wareham’s Class).

Thank you for allowing me to teach your child how to succeed and write creatively in middle school.


Mrs. Lori Wareham

MS in Education

6th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher

Homework Help Computer Lab Advisor, Room 212