Mrs. Wareham's Family

"Mrs. Wareham's Family"

The Wareham family consists of my husband, Chris, a daughter named Stacey, and two sons named Steven and Scott. We are very active adults and enjoy nature, animals, traveling, and life.
First, Chris, my husband, flies helicopters for a medivac company in Texas and retired from the United States Army after twenty-six years. He enjoys golf and flying airplanes, too.
My daughter Stacey is an airline pilot who flies 747 with Atlas Airlines. If you go on a vacation out of Philadelphia International Airport, she might be your pilot. She enjoys flying for a living and traveling around the world. She is married to Brandon and they have two dogs named "SGT" and "Finley." They play with my dogs, Daisy and Molly. They live in Georgia. 
Steven, my son, is in the U. S. Air Force and has a degree from Burlington County College in Graphic Design and Art. He is stationed in North Carolina and works on F-16 airplanes. 
My youngest son Scott, is a U. S. Marine who defends our great country. He is married to a wonderful young lady named Emmie and they have two dogs named Ulfrec and Thor. As you can see, we love animals, aviation, and the military. 
As for your English teacher, I have been an educator for 18 years and enjoy helping students write effectively. I graduated from Riverside High School in 1979, earned a Masters Degree in Education from Walden University, and flew UH-1H helicopters for twelve years. Did you know that your teacher was the first female helicopter pilot for the NJ Army National Guard? 
To conclude, I am proud to be able to teach Riverside Middle School students English/Language Arts writing skills, and I want to encourage all students to reach their full potential.