Literary Terms MP3

Week #17 
a lesson relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior

Motif - is a term for a reoccurring theme or idea in a piece of literature. In The Outsiders, one reoccurring motif is the repeated reference to literary works in an attempt by the main character to make a connection with the reader about the characters within the story.

Mystery- A novel, story, or play involving a crime

or secret activity and its gradual solution.

Week #18 

Myth- any story that attempts to explain how the world was created or why the world is the way that it is

Narrative- a collection of events that tell a story

Narrative Poem- a poem that tells a story

Week #19 

Narratorone who tells a story, the speaker or the “voice” of an oral or written work.

Narrative hook - is any device at the opening of a work to capture the interest of the readers and make them continue reading.

Novel- story that is usually long and complex and deals with human experience through a connected sequence of events

Oxymoron - is a combination of contradictory terms (silent scream, civil war, jumbo shrimp, freezer burn).

Parable- a usually short fictitious story that illustrates a moral attitude

Paradox- a statement that is apparently self-contradictory or absurd but really contains a possible truth

Week #20  

Paraphrase - is a restatement of an idea that keeps the same meaning but uses different words.

Parody-an imitation of another work in order to be humorous

Personification- when you give human characteristics to animals or objects