3rd Marking Period 
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Quizzes/Tests for the week 
Science-Quiz on Average Speed on Thursday 3/21/study notes from class
English-Vocabulary test Tuesday "Up the Slide"/"A glow in the Dark"-Study guide handed out and on calendar on web page
Social Studies-13.5 Quiz Tuesday 3/26/Chapter 13 Test Friday 3/29
Math 8--Math Minute 2 WS due Friday 3/22 (Quiz grade)
Chapter 6 Test Friday 3/29

Math-Homework pages are on line. Go to Ms. Bilo's website to useful links to get to the on-line text book/You can come after school to copy problems or take a picture of page on your phone

Reading Literary Terms for week of  (all words test)

70. Satire- a story written to ridicule some vice or imperfection

71. Setting – The time and place in which the action of a narrative occurs.

72. Science Fiction- Writing based on real or imaginary scientific developments and often set

in the future.

HW could always change please check HW agenda and both teacher's websites)

Monday 3/18
Science-Average speed HW due Wednesday
English-"Up the slide" "Glow in the Dark" test tomorrow
Social Studies
Math 8- p 2612-12)evens due tomorrow/Math Minute 2 WS due Friday 3/22 (Quiz grade)

Tuesday  3/19
Science-Average speed HW due tomorrow
English-Vocabulary test today
Social Studies- 13.4 quiz tomorrow
Math 8-Math Minute WS due Friday 3/15 (Quiz grade)
P 233 (2-22)  Quiz grade evens-or circled numbers due Thursday 3/14

Wednesday 3/20
Science-Average speed HW due today/Average Speed quiz tomorrow-study notes from class
Social Studies-13.4 Quiz today
Math 8-Math Minute 2 WS due Friday 3/22 (Quiz grade)/p221 (2-12)evens

Thursday 3/14
Science-Average Speed quiz today

cial Studies-13.5 study guide due Monday 3/25
Math 8-.Math Minute 2 WS due tomorrow (Quiz grade) 

Friday 3/15 Franklin institute Trip

Social Studies-3.5 study guide due Monday 3/25/Quiz Tuesday 3/26
Math 8-Math Minute WS 2 due today (Quiz grade)