Weekly Reading Assignments

Lea Cada Noche!     Ler Cada Noite!!

Read Every Night!
In ESL, it is very important that you read regularly. You will be expected to read for 30 minutes every night, and complete steps 1 thru 4 in your ESL notebook summarizing what you read. 


  1. In your notebook, list new vocabulary – use dictionary for each new vocabulary word. Write the English definition and your native language definition.

    Ex.     Depressed – (adj.) sad, gloomy        (deprimido) (bunalimli)

  2. From your reading, list the main characters.

    Ex.     Manuel Garcia, Manuel's friends, the mother, little sister, a police officer, etc.

  3. What is the situation in the story?

  4. What do you think the writer (author) wanted to express with this story?