Goodwin, James

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies!

Mr. Goodwin

Hello, thank you for visiting my website.  I will update this site for any major information regarding tests, projects, and homework.  I look forward to having a wonderful year with everyone! Please look at the calendar for updated due dates.
We will be covering the following Units from the textbook:
Unit 1 Place and Time: Ch.1 and 2
Unit 2 River Valley Civilizations: Ch. 3,4,5
Unit 3 Ideas and Armies: Ch. 6,7,8
Unit 4 The Greeks: Ch. 9,10,11,12
Unit 5 The Romans: Ch. 13,14,15,16
Unit 6 The Early Middle Ages: Ch. 17,18,19,20
Unit 7 Emergence of New Empires: Ch. 21,22,23
Unit 8 The Late Middle Ages: Ch. 24,25,26,27

 We are about to finish up chapter 2.  The chapter 2 Quiz will be Thusday October 11th.